There was something. Something that turned into insanity.

Beautiful enough to make you hungry, some of these random feelings don’t have a name.

It was more than that… or as they say; more than that where it came from.

Action and assumption always contradict each other and doubt decides to dance in between. Assumption, the ambassador of impossibility always does a good job only if I let it to.

Protestation in front of its office had annoyed it.  Assumption walked right up to my face and banged on the dusty past-ic table, the fact files it had drawn out from my brain base. It raised its brows, with every skeptic hair on it directing me out of the office.

I looked and fell and abandoned.

Abandoned assumption. Assumption couldn’t bear it. It died.

And there stood its ghost in front of me.

“What are you?” I asked

“I am nothing” the Ghost said

“That is not possible! You are… Well you are a… “

“I am nothing”

It smiled. It looked beautiful. But it started to fade… its existence threatened.

Was I moved?

Yes !

Right or wrong Assumption had directed half of my life. I felt sorry for it.

I lent the only thing I possessed in abundance to it, insanity.

And it became something.

There was something .Something that turned into insanity. Insanity that turned assumption into something.

And thus the ghost of insane assumption hangs around me, haunting me with maddening ideas … Forcing me, to put them into action.



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