The Copper Pot

Introduction: In Hindu funeral rites, the ashes of the departed person are kept in a pot before dispersing it at an approriate time into the waters of a river or an ocean. This poem is about a little girl who lost her father in a sudden way and how much she is used to having his strong presence around. I specially dedicate this poem to my friend who lost her dad, who was a wonderful support system to her and the family.

photo of father and daughter running at the park

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The Copper Pot


A little girl lost her father.
To the family this sudden demise came as a shocker.

But to the little girl , she knew not a care,
As for her, father was just playing The Sleeping Princess dare.

A game which father used, to make her sleep.
The father would tell stories that would take her into fantasy world so deep;
That the little girl would end up sleeping without counting any sheep.
Her father used to hold her hand everytime.
He helped her stand, he taught her to walk.
He taught her to stay strong and be brave when people mocked,
Her father was always ready to hold her anytime.
The little girl knew her hand would always be caught,
If she ever let it out,
In search of support, love or doubt.
And so when the elders did the last rites and put him respectfully in a copper pot,
The little girl looked around to see her father but found that he was there not.

When the little girl with innocence asked about her father’s whereabouts;
Every elder around her solmenly looked at the copper pot.

And before her mother could say to her any more,
The little girl did put her fingers right into the pot’s core.

And with the puzzled look on her face , she tries her best to understand,
As she asks her mother ” Why is father not holding back my hand? ”


-Poem By Cynthia Monica❤


The Lamp (A small hope for an anxiety driven person)

She dragged her feet amongst the crowd spurting out happiness and glitter.


Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS from Pexels

She carried her dark-self down the heavily populated lane seeking for the nearest dark alley to slip into.

But the festival crowd was so overwhelming. They pushed her. The crowd warmth turned into screams of her soul as they touched her. She was trying to avoid contact by covering every inch of her with the thin worn out sweater which already had so many tiny holes. She needed to find the dark alley as soon as possible before her demons completely overtook her.

She did not mind the demons overtaking her; she just did not want that to happen in front of others. She wanted to save others from her.

As she kept her eyes above the crowd, she spotted a lamp. Beside the lamp was the nearest alley. But the lamp was far away. Very far away… Yet she could see it. She kept her eyes fixated as her feet aimlessly moved forward.

At this point, the crowd was suffocating her. Some looked at her with a happy face expecting her to give a smile back. Some pulled her arm forcing it to be put it up in the air as an act of celebration. A celebration that she did not want to be a part of. Yet, she consoled herself with the sight of the lamp which gave her hope. A soft glowing hope that everything will be fine soon if she could only reach that lamp… If only.

She imagined having reached that dark alley where the lamp with its soft light alone covered her. That light could give her the warmth that crowd couldn’t. She imagined being crouched beneath the lamp, with her head resting against the lamp post. She could feel the content within her heart.

She could see her desire to feel complete being fulfilled beneath the lamp.

She right then realized that she had set out on a journey to find a dark alley to rest. But instead, found the idea of the lamp beside the alley so comforting.

She mustered all that she had to make her way through pressing crowd, carrying her demons within her. As for now she somehow felt the need to be with lamp more than ever. For on that night, the light of the lamp had won over the lure of the dark alley.

For on that night, she felt her celebration lay beneath the lamp.

The Red Bangle

Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels

He is looking for a girl, who does not know he exists or the story that has brought him here. He has no reasons to be discreet but still, he has to be careful. He is standing near the doorway and surveying the golden banquet hall, which is filled with refined bodies in saris and jackets, and beautiful young women with straight hair who never make facial expressions. But they will, soon. Any moment now.

Vikram sets his eyes on the staircase from where the guest of honor will possibly make an entrance. Just as his weary eyes were about to take their glance off the staircase, does he finally catch a glimpse of her. A girl climbs down the elaborately decorated staircase with her father at her arms and the people in the hall direct their attention towards them.

Her father, Dr.Adarsh a renowned doctor who had made such grand arrangements to get the people’s attention to fund his new trust. He saw his daughter’s birthday as the perfect event to announce the start of this new trust.

The girl wore a simple pale green satin dress. Vikram looks at her dress and breathes a sigh of relief . “Her arms are not covered.” He says to himself.

Vikram enters the banquet hall and immediately his assistant approaches him and greets him “Good evening sir. ”

“How are things here?” Vikram asks with his eyes still fixated on the girl.

“Everything is in control sir. I just spoke to the head chef back at hotel and he said the deserts will be delivered before time and the delivery truck driver will inform me as soon as he starts from the hotel.” Replies his assistant.

Vikram looks at his assistant and asks “So it was just the deserts right ? Everything else has been delivered?”

Vikram listens to his assistant cite every detail of the catering service that has been provided for Mr.Adarsh’s only daughter’s 18th birthday. Vikram had just overseen the catering service of the wedding ceremony of a celebrity as a catering manager just a few hours earlier. He could have had his assistant take care of this particular event however, this event was something that he had been waiting for almost all his life. He could not afford to miss it.

He had to see if the daughter of Dr.Adarsh was the girl that he was looking for all these years. Vikram enters into the elite crowd, the mix of expensive perfume and cologne enveloped him as he tried to get a closer look at the girl’s right arm . It was not easy as he had thought. Men and women were constantly taking their turns to wish the girl. Just as Vikram was getting slightly frustrated, a small piece of crowd moves apart and he finally sees exactly what he had wanted to.

The scars. Two of them, one of them a bit larger than the other.

“The scars looked so big back then…” Vikram thought to himself reminiscing about how scared he was when he has seen those scars for the very first time.

Blood and dirt had stained an eight-year-old Vikram’s bare chest as he held his crying 2-year-old sister’s head over his shoulders. He ran on the streets in the middle of the night. Turning back now and then and making sure he was well ahead of the bad people who had killed his parents. The man was about to stab his sister when he managed to grab her just in time, leaving the knife to produce a deep cut on her right arm. The second cut came from an unexpected angle as he was trying to escape his house. He couldn’t go to the police, Vikram by this age knew clearly that his father did things that the police did not like. His father did something bad. But not as bad as killing someone’s family.

Or did he ??

Was that why these people were so bent on ending even the youngest of life that lived in the house?

Vikram remembered how he managed to lose the men’s sight of them by using the strange crooked pathways that only he and his friends knew of.

He made it to the bridge under the highway. His sister had now stopped crying. He stopped under the bridge and looked at her.

She was fast asleep.

Was this good? Vikram was confused. “She never sleeps so easily.” He thought.  The blood had not stopped its flow. Something was wrong, his instincts told him to get help. He climbed up the narrow uphill muddy pathway that lead up to the bridge. He started walking along the pathway when he saw a black car with its front door opened. The owner was on the cell phone outside the car and was turned in the direction away from the car. Vikram had made up his mind as to what should be done.

He sneakily hid behind the open door and put his unconscious sister onto the front seat and ran to the place where the highway bridge met the muddy pathway. He observed from a distance and saw the car’s number plate. He memorised it.

“I will get her back!” he assured himself.

From his hiding spot, he could see the owner of the car get off the phone and casually walk to his car. He looked frantic and scared when he saw the little girl on the car seat he looked around for any possible person who would have left her only to find that he was alone. The next thing that Vikram sees is possibly the man shifting his sister to the passenger seat, him getting into the car and driving full speed ahead.

“She will be saved. He will get her some help .” Vikram said to himself staring at the traffic-laden highway where he last saw the black car.

He hears voices below the bridge. A scared Vikram gets up from his hiding spot and he finds one of his sister’s red bangle on the ground. He picks it up and starts running for his life again over the highway.

Vikram was found a few days later by a nun who saw him sleeping outside the Taramani railway terminal. The nun took him to the orphanage where she worked as a caretaker and from then onwards Vikram lived there.

As the years passed by he never left any opportunity to look for his sister. He could not remember the last few digits of the car’s number and this made his search even more difficult.

Vikram worked hard over the years to get himself through school and college and now he finally had a stable job as a Catering Manager at one of the top hotels in Chennai. One day as Vikram was parking his bike in the parking lot of his hotel he notices a black car. Over the years his eyes had been trained to spot a specific type of black car. He quickly stops his bike gets down looks at the number plate. The numbers looked familiar. It was the first time that number had finally looked familiar. He later finds out whose car it is and the purpose of the visit by the owner of the car. Luckily it’s the catering service that the person was looking for. Despite having a crammed up schedule, Vikram promises his boss that he would take care of this event.

And there he was. Finally. In front of his long lost sister who had now grown up into this beautiful girl. He wished he had brought something for her on this special day. Something nice and precious. But deep down it felt more like his birthday.

His assistant came to him and informed him that the desert issue was solved.

“Is everything okay?” Asked a concerned Dr.Adarsh.

A startled Vikram quickly replies “Yes Sir, everything is under control.”

“Good.” he says with a smile. Just as Dr.Adarsh was about to leave Vikram says “Dr.Adarsh, may I have a moment with you in private?.”

Dr.Adarsh looks at him puzzled.

“There is nothing to worry, it is not about the food. I would like to speak with you after the party about something else”

“Sure” Dr.Adarsh replies as he gives him a friendly smile and a pat on his back.

After the party is over, Vikram patiently waits in the kitchen.

“Shall we talk?” asks Dr.Adarsh as he enters the kitchen.

“Yes.” Vikram says a bit nervously, wondering if it was even the right thing to do. He decided to do it anyway.

“Dr.Adarsh, I know this might sound a bit off but I wanted to give your daughter a present. It’s not from the hotel .”

Vikram takes a deep breath and says “It’s from me.”

He pulls out a tiny red bangle from his suit’s pocket. Dr.Adarsh looks at it and recognises the bangle right away

“This I believe slipped from your daughter’s hand before I placed her in your car”

A visibly astonished Adarsh looks at him and stumbles “You… What..?!”

“I know you have questions. A lot of them and I can answer them all.”

That night was a long one for Dr.Adarsh as listened to Vikram narrate the tale of how the sister and now the doctor’s daughter escaped death. That night a girl had found herself a brother which would be the universe’s gift to the girl on her 18th birthday.

The Weed and The Fishing Net.

Hello Everyone!  Have I ever told you why the weed in the riverbed and the fishing net can never live happily ever after?

I guess not.

Well, the story goes something like this …



Once upon a time, there lived a handsome fisherman with his very jealous wife.

The fisherman shouted at his wife “ All she wanted was a nice pink salmon. But you, my dear wife…”

The fisherman waves his hands towards her and continues his sarcasm.“My dear, adorable wife had to look at my customer with jealousy and shoo her off, with your words, which stunk worse than my dead fish!!”

A soup bowl, followed by 2 spoons and a plate, comes flying out of the kitchen.

The fisherman dodges the flying utensils.

“This!” He shouts “This stupid temper of yours, is not going to feed us.”

He picked up his special fishing net which had been resting in the corner of the room for quite some months. He holds it up in his right hand and points his left hand towards the net and says “This, on the other hand, is going to get the food on the table! I’d rather spend time with this net  than being in this house and…”

The wife’s shoe hits the fisherman right on his face.

A thoroughly embarrassed and infuriated fisherman took his net and made his way out of the house.

The fisherman along with his big, wide and strong fishing net reached the riverside . He took off his shoes and his shirt as the sun was on high and it was very hot. The fisherman pushed his boat and rowed towards a nice fishing spot that he knew of.

He threw his net and sat down with a frown on his face and started cursing his wife.

Deep below the surface of the ray kissed waters, the net sank. It sank slowly, easing out every vein of its mesh, almost as a dog would stretch its hind legs after a good nap.

“Its been a while since he had used me.” Thought the fishing net as it let the greenish blue murky river water pass through it.

The water was warm and the fishing net lazily watched a school of fish sweep close by .

A little far away, rooted in the river bed, was a weed . The fishing net noticed the weed. It’s enchanting green color had caught the net’s fancy. It’s stem so tender and vulnerable, clung  desparately to the grains of the riverbed sand . It’s head flung back and forth in its own gentle submission to the will of the mindless river .

“What a beauty!” Thought the thoroughly love-struck fishing net.

The fisherman cursed his wife once more and started pulling his fishing net up vigorously. The fishing net was devastated at this impulsive act of the fisherman.

And as the net was being pulled up , it could see that the beautiful weed’s head had finally turned towards the net. The weed could see the strong, perfect meshed frame of the net. The now curious weed could feel that the net so badly wanted to be with her, if possible at least have just one chance to touch the weed.

(They say water has the magical powers to communicate what one’s thinking in one’s head to another entity in the same water body.)

And as the fisherman walked back to his home to make peace with his hot headed wife, the fishing net’s heart sulked at the thought of having lost the sight of the glorious weed.

The fishing net hoped that one day it would get to see the same weed , get near to it and maybe even have an embrace.

Little did the fishing net know that even an embrace from the net could easily mean choking the weed to it’s death.

As life would have it , sometimes the act of love for one could mean the pure suffocation for the other. And that is why the weed and the fishing net can never ever be together.

– A fantasy tale by Cynthia Monica

Stupid Vision Impaired Love

Hello everyone, here is a short love story about falling in love for the second time. This story revolves around Maira( as the narrator) and Eric. I hope you enjoy it, thank you.



I still remember the funny feeling that I used get every time I had a whiff of his scent. It had been just a few weeks into knowing him and I felt like a Labrador, trained to smell its heart walking right across the office corridor.  Love at first sight, was something that I had never believed in and that was not what had actually happened with me.

It was never the looks but the kind of person he was. The virtues that attracted me towards him, will sound boring and absolutely dull compared to the words like dashing, heart-throbbing and gorgeous. He was kind, compassionate, forgiving and most importantly he was a person who took his dreams seriously. Taking one’s dreams seriously and actually putting effort towards it, was something that I rarely saw people do.

Don’t get me wrong when I say people barely follow their dreams. What I am referring to, is the act of following those dreams which actually had been a part of you, those dreams which promise no lucrative flow of income yet it drives you with so much passion and love, that you would have said at some point in your life “I always wanted to do that”.

But no, he was different. He dreamt of a dream where he wanted to build a foundation for the lesser privileged girls, funded by his research which was his brainchild related to controlling the carbon emission in the environment. That was something that I saw him spend hours on. He tirelessly worked on data collection, writing his papers and applying for different universities that might accept his idea and fund his research. I remember that he was so emotionally connected to his dreams, that one late night in the office, I found him quietly crying with his laptop, hiding in one of the meeting rooms because he had received his second rejection letter from a university.

I, on the other hand, was this person who only dreamt of doing a lot of things. I was 22 and was figuring out life. I had interned for a company as a financial analyst. Not exactly what I had wanted, however, it was my first internship and I was pretty excited about it.

That is when I met Eric. He was this hefty guy with nerdy glasses and he could easily pass off as a married guy with 2 kids. But he was just 23. Barely a few months older than me and here he was focused and all fired up to get the things that he had always wanted done, whilst he worked his head off at this office. I was no short of being amazed and it took less than a month to fall in love with him.

We got to know each other. He loved the fact that I had some really absurd theories of why things worked in a certain way. My theory of why depression is good for a human heart was his favorite. We sat under the sparsely star lit sky on the beach (thanks to the light pollution of the city!) and explained to him that depression is like having a fever wherein the germs had to be killed first in order to restore back the body to its original health, similarly a person had to reach his lowest point in order to start afresh. Yes, he found me interesting.

He said he could see himself falling in love with me, because I was an amazing person. He warned me to stay away from him because he did not want to hurt me by breaking the then existent friendship. I argued and convinced him that none of that was going to happen and we were going to stay the best of friends.  Frankly, he was just too awesome to fall in love with; I felt inferior to him to the extent where I would consider my own dreams as worthless.

One fine day, as we were sitting in his car parked outside a burger shop, he confessed that he has fallen for me. Few weeks later, I was feeling things that I swear I tried to brush aside as much as possible, to the point that I could no longer ignore it.

I had fallen in love with him.

It was then when I felt one of the most amazing feelings in this world. The feeling of being complete mixed with happiness that comes when you offer your love to someone and the other person happily accepts it.

Love, I realized was more about acceptance of what you had to offer as a person to your significant other.

Because, if what you had to offer comes back rejected, then your whole world would feel like crashing down to nothingness.

My own world did come crashing down after two months into the relationship when I was told that what we had, would no longer work.

I cried. I balled my eyes out. Repeated the story of my failed pure love to every friend I could find solace in. I kept asking him questions, trying my best to understand why he had changed all of a sudden.

“It wasn’t sudden.” He said “I really liked you and over the time I did find myself in love with you. But I loved the real you.”

He continued “I never wanted to hurt you Maira.” he said earnestly. “I saw you as this person who was in love with her dreams but then over the time, I realized that you had changed. Maybe it was the internship that was getting the best of you. You were so happy with the idea of being in love that you actually stopped working for your dreams which you would have otherwise done, if you had not met me. I do not want to be the person holding you back. I surely do not want you to plan your future with just me in it and with zero mention of you achieving your dreams in those plans. I did try and tell you about this, but you were so happy with what you had, that you failed to notice it. I tried my best to be there for you as much and as long as I could. The truth is that somewhere down the line , I realised that this is not going to work , because in the long run you will find yourself unhappy cause you never actually got to do anything for yourself. ”


He was right. Back then, I was so excited about the mere idea of being in love, that I wanted to do everything that I could possibly do with him. In a bid to do so, I abandoned my dreams of majoring in Japanese and becoming a writer.

As they say, everything happens for a reason. I took myself seriously and focused on things that made up the real me. After 4 years of investing much discipline and hard work, I found myself as the author of 2 books, a major in Japanese and ended up as an administrative staff at the Embassy of Japan in India.

After my first brush with love, I never quite found another person to make me feel like that all over again. I thought I would never feel love until today.

Today, I had the same funny feeling. I was glad that I could actually feel that because I almost felt acknowledged to feel like a human being once again. That warm feeling that arose within me as I watched a neatly suited up man speaking to the ambassador, made badly want to just go up to him and talk. Such confidence and radiance did the man ooze, that it is quite difficult for a girl to not notice it.

He briefly looked at me before leaving the room and that is when I revisited my belief regarding how love, at first sight, was all nonsense. I obeyed the ambassador when he asked me to get the documents ready and assist this person to fill it up as it is of high priority. I took the needed documents and lead him to the lounge room where he can sit down and fill them up.

He was filling up the documents and I sat in disbelief when I watched him fill up the details for his child.

“You finally did it!” I said with surprise.

“Ara, that is what you have always wanted to name your adopted daughter. Right?” I said as I gleamed with happiness.

He looked at me, smiled and said “Yes, you still remember all that don’t you? I am glad you are happy for me. And I am even much more elated to see you finally in a place where you had always wanted to be.”

Yes, 4 years had passed and I still had the same feeling, the warm liquid joy called love. Just when I was sure that I would never fall in love again, I found myself completely enveloped in the same feeling, this time even stronger, for the same amazing man. Here was, Dr.Eric Patrick, founder of the internationally acclaimed Gabrielle Foundation for Girls and a proud single father of an adopted girl child. I was once again awestruck and in love with the person which he had actually chosen become.

“You want to meet for dinner tonight? I’ll introduce you to Ara. She will love you” He asked me as he was about to leave.

“Sure” I replied.

As we exchanged numbers once again, I realized that falling in love with the same person does feel like falling in love for the second time. I guess that stupid love does have its vision impaired.

Love doesn’t quite see if it is a new person or the same one before manifesting itself upon someone. It just makes you fall for it. I believe that is why they say love is blind after all.




Sweet Little Things

Sometimes, just sometimes, it is good to put down your tools and spend some time with your soul. Just you, doing the things that will make your soul breathe.

One night, on one of my rare visits to the beach, I saw him.

A black dog, not skinny, I wouldn’t say fat was walking along the beach road. It had wavy hair that ran along his spine. I watched him walk on the beach road lined with stone benches. The dog examined almost every bench that was planted along the road before he finally decided to settle down on one. He hopped onto the bench and sat on it. He looked like he had jumped straight out of those Alphabet books for kids, where they educate us the existence of alphabet D using a picture of a dog.

He sat there as if he had wanted to do this for a long time in his life. He sat there as if he had a purpose. I watched him watch the ocean. He gazed at the noisy ocean fiddle the patient old shore with its playful foamy limbs.

He sat there and I watched him as long as I could.

As the week moved along, I forgot about the dog. Work got my attention and my account got the money. And before I knew it, that had week passed. Weeks turned into months, then one night I got the chance to visit the beach.

I did not see him, the good old dog. Then just as I was about to leave I saw a black figure walking towards me. He chose the same bench, hopped on to it and sat the same way. He sat there and resumed his act of looking at the ocean.

Little did I know that seeing a street dog after such a long time, would make me happy and most importantly make memories realize something right there: The importance of connecting with myself.

How often do we take the time to connect with ourselves?

In pursuit of making a livelihood, we fail to press the pause button in our lives and do not take the liberty of letting the minutes marinate into moments. We get so lost in our daily rat race that we forget or rather choose not to spend time with ourselves.

So go out there and do the sweet little things that will make your soul breathe. Make it live because in doing so, you will live. Not live in the world’s definition of living, but rather your own.

Be the black dog and take time to sit in front of the ocean.

Just be there with yourself and listen…

Listen to the rattle that your soul makes as it breathes with all its broken dreams.

Listen to those feeble groans from bleeding wounds of past.

Listen to the yearning aches that arise from the torn down disappointments.

Our soul, just like our physical body deserves the chance to heal.

Because sometimes, just sometimes, it is okay to put down your tools and spend some time with your soul and let it heal.



I have this picture of a scene from Friends sitcom on the back of my door. I will attach the picture right here.



Picture Credit:

This was the picture that was taken on the last day of the shoot. It’s a very nostalgic picture and like every others 90’s kid, I was sad that the show was over.
I chose to take a printout of this picture and post it on my door. Out of all the happy moments on set, I chose this moment on their last day. I did this to remind myself that all good things will come to an end and that change is inevitable.


     Change is something that I feared as a child.

When people left, I cried.

When we changed homes, I felt lost.

When I was asked to sleep in the hall, away from my parents I felt terrible.

When the new academic year started, I panicked.

When the class teacher changed, I was devastated.

When my friend moved across the state because she lost her dad, I got depressed.

One fine day my 10th-grade teacher made me change my seat. I was furious. I went up to her and explained how much I hated my new seat by blabbering some random stuff and trying to justify that I really needed to be back at my old seat( with my friends).

She pulled my ears and gave it a little twist ( it did hurt a bit) and told me that I have to sit at my new place and that there was no other choice.

The teacher had my best interests on her mind when she did it. Since I was away from my friends in my old seat, I was able to focus on my studies better. No more wasting time on unnecessary talks. The teacher saw that I hung out with my friends who were toppers yet, I was okay being an average kid. So in order to push myself, to become a better student, she made me sit with another set of toppers who were not my friends. I got to focus on Biology more, which was my favorite subject at that time and I ended up scoring full marks in it. Not only that, I improved my other boring subject’s scores and in turn, I passed my 10th grade with flying colors.

But as years passed by I started loving change just for the sole reason of escaping certain harsh experiences that I had encountered.

     Change became my drug .

That having said, Change was being misused in my case.

Change is an ideal friend, that helps you to move towards the better version of yourself, it helps you to see that there is more to life than just happiness.

There is sadness, bitterness, anger, hatred, passion, soberness and so many different shades of emotions that we feel as we move forward in our lives.

Had it not been for Mr.Change, then we would be stuck with an illusion of “This all that I could ever be “.

Change is that silent person who takes the blame for things not being the same anymore.  Yet, it introduces us to the marvelous unknowns in our lives. It silently watches us explore the unknowns and in that process, discover what we truly are capable of doing.

So the next time when Mr.Change comes knocking at your door, let it in. Have a conversation with it and try to see how you can make arrangements for this new guest of yours to stay.

 Because at the end of the day, Mr.Change, whether you like it or not, is here to stay.


Dear Bestie…

Hello everyone, 
Today’s post is something that I had a written a long time ago for a best friend. So my bestie has this really cool talent of clicking amazing pictures of inanimate things with just his phone. Over the time I noticed that he loved clicking pictures with a dark backdrop and the use of light elements that existed in the scene of capture.
At that time my best friend was going through a rough patch in his life. He had a lot of uncertain things going on in his life and was also suffering a heartbreak.
So one day he sent a picture to me and asked me to write something just about anything I could think of when I saw that picture. He wanted me to write an article so that he would read it during his tough questionable times He took this picture of his windshield on a rainy day when he was driving his car. He later went on to ask me to connect certain things like uncertainty and the lights in the picture.
Here is the picture and below which I would have posted the article that I wrote for him.

Photo Credit: Sanjay Victor Paul

Note: The “TinThree in a box”  that I had used in the article below, is a name that I kept for the 3 little stars on Orion’s belt: Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka. And they look as if they lie in a box created by the following four stars: Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Saiph, and  Rigel.Please refer this link for more understanding->
Dear Bestie,
       Do you recall the time when we stargazed and I introduced you to TinThree in a box, where the one, on the bottom left, of the 4 stars was red?
It was beautiful, wasn’t it ??
There were there.
All along.
Before you were born.
Will still be there
Even after you’re gone.
All you needed was the right company to show those things to you.
Good things are always around you.
       When things get you down, try and look up at those stars or stare into the infinity of the ocean dancing salsa with its foamy frills or look at the smooth dark road lit up with those beautiful hydrogen lamps.
        All of these if you note, will just exist. The reason why some people find solace in such things is that they are constant. In a world splattered with uncertainty like those raindrops on the windshield, we yearn to set our sight on something certain. That’s why we take that ride on the same old road hoping that the usual pleasure we would get out of it will drive out the insanity of the present.
       Then again, are the events/people that we encounter in our lives really uncertain?
Maybe they are just “certain” entities placed on the timescale that is “unknown” to us and hence attributing the whole “uncertain” factor to it.
       The past, present, and future accompanied by their respective baggage of people and events are placed in that upward diagonal direction just as the lights, along with different timeframes. They are constant in their own right.
      Just as those three bright lights, are beautiful in their own way, each of these is both constant and uncertain in their own way.
       All we can do is to derive the strength by swallowing the bittersweet past, use it to embrace the forthcoming unknown whilst living in the forcefull present.
       So when things get you down, look up at those stars or stare into the infinity of the ocean dancing salsa with its foamy frills or look at the smooth dark road lit up with those beautiful hydrogen lamps. Because of it’s these good things that accompany those big bright lights that bring us solace and happiness regardless of how our much of a rough or smooth ride through these lights are going to be.
Cause good things are always around you. You just need to look out for it.
*Cough* (me)*Cough*

How to fall out of love

You never do fully fall out of love and it is completely fine. The reason I say this is because eventually the time and emotions that you have spent on that person will make feel like this, until time and other events take over, translating these feelings into a fond memory.


Here are following things that might help you to move on, in other words, see the unseen beautiful side of your life.


Acceptance of truth

Yes, you are in a mess. Cry all you want. Speak to every friend you can find. Basically, let it all out.

Then there is a truth for you.  This love that you have for a person will seem to be unconditional but in response to that love of yours, you found a No as an answer.

Accept the No. Repeat it as often as you want to remind and make yourself fully aware of the fact that you are no longer a part of this person’s life, that he/she does not wish to associate with you or any other truth which is the reason for you to seek ways to fall out of love.

So frame a sentence with the truth encapsulated in it and repeat it every time your heart yearns to be with that person. Every time you repeat it, visualize or bring to your mind the things that happened to paint the entire truth. Because us humans are visual creatures, doing this will help you realize the reality.


Stop feeding the thoughts

Accept the way you feel, however, do not encourage the existing emotions within you because that is stupidity.

Every time you miss this person avoid going through the pictures, conversations and other pieces of memory that you have of that person, avoid doing all of this and anything that would remind you of this person. Mind you, do this act of avoidance only if you miss this person. Otherwise let the pictures, things, and conversations just simply stay out of sight and if you stumble across them on a normal day where you were just thinking about something else, acknowledge it as a memory and a thing of past and go on about your usual things.

The goal is not to forcefully eliminate this person’s memories but to naturally accept that he/she was a part of your life. The end result will be that you will have peace in your heart and mind as you had the strength to move on.

Trying to run away from memories is basically hoarding the feelings inside you and this will unhealthily affect your current and future life and it’s participants.


Set a goal

Set goals and give it your best shot.Slog real hard to get that goal achieved. Most importantly, give yourself just the right amount of sleep, not more nor less.

The more you have time to spare, the more are the chances of you thinking about this person. So plan every day around this goal so that you will feel productive.


Learn new things

With your goal set and you working on it , give yourself time to learn new things. Like learn how to design a website, or cook or learn a language . You could even try and think of any topic you were once interested but never had the chance to explore more. And if you can’t find anything in particular, try going through the unknown facts or information in various fields and there will be something that catches your fancy .

After finding the things that have interested you , don’t stop there . Excel at it. Write exams, get a certificate, or maybe even find a job that will use the things that you have learned.


Deal with the question

Will you fall in love again? Will you find someone as amazing as this person? Will this person make you feel loved same the way you have felt before?

The truth my friend is something which I do not know.

But what I do know is this. You have you.

The most amazing person you can ever find on this planet is you. So fall in love with yourself, have those stupid internal conversations in your head, do that crazy dance that you feel is the sexiest dance ever in your room, laugh your head off when you do something stupid. What I do know is this, my friend, that when you think, act and do positive things then you attract the most beautiful and positive things that you could have never even imagined into your life.

Learn to see the good in everything. Whatever happened to you, happened for a reason, stop trying to find that reason. The reason could easily be known or unknown until the very end of your life. And if you are meant to see the reason then you will see it in in the future depending on constructively you take things from here.




Things to remember before stepping into a relationship- For a girl

Hello Girls,

Being swept off your feet is amazing, what comes next is something to be a little careful about, if are really looking a serious relationship to last long. Here are a few things to remember before stepping into a relationship.


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Be clear-headed

Sort yourself out before involving someone else in your life. Know thyself , the positives and negatives and accept them, even the negatives. Ask yourself questions to become aware of what you really are. Ask questions such as: What you can and cannot tolerate ? What your belief systems are? How staunch or flexible are you in when you call yourself broadminded?, how lazy/driven/responsible you are ? What completes you ? What do you feel you actually want to do in life?

Girls are simple beautiful thinkers, the complications begin when they confuse with what they actually want, with what the world wants of them. So be brave and take note of who you really are.

Be responsible

Being in love is a responsibility. Exploring how you are with a certain person is fine but be responsible for the dreams, promises, and actions that you take part in with this new person.

Avoid jeopardizing your current life

Have a pattern of life for yourself and when the other person comes in , please sit down and see in what way will it affect the pattern. If it affects in a positive way , good. If it is taking up time and making you feel exhausted, then look properly as there is always a real good way where you two can spend quality time together.

Let him be himself

There is good chance that the other person is lying because he is just scared to be the real himself with you. Never push a guy to that limit, which means hold your emotional outbursts even if it is being real you. He is also a human, not your babysitter. For a good amount of time , observe the real him , encourage him to tell the truth and never put him on a pedestal and go on with your judgment. Deal with emotional problems by yourself, only at the most uncontrollable and worst moment, seek him , and again if he is not there , it is fine you still can take care of yourself.

Seek to be a companion not a baby

Lastly, two people are in a relationship for companionship and a little above that. When the “Little above that” gets exhausted, you want him to be there to make you feel like you are at home. And so if you can find a person who is happy and can make you happy, be with him . Do yourself a favor, always find solutions instead of complaining, appreciate even the smallest of acts , be grateful because if you have found some who loves you back the same way you do then, it is no short of a miracle . Cherish it and make it work.